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Blaze and I

Our Story

In 2021 my dog Blaze started getting sick after eating, well, pretty much anything. I switched dog food brands over and over again, trying to find one that wouldn't upset his stomach. Eventually, we went to the vet and found out the he has some serious food allergies (as many pitties do). The vet told us to stay away from any chicken or beef flavored foods as these tend to have added chemicals for flavoring. We were able to switch his kibble flavors fairly quickly, but finding treats that would be a healthier option for him was much more difficult.

As a dog mom I wanted to spoil my baby at every chance, and keep him as healthy and happy as possible. I wanted him to enjoy treats without all the side effects that an upset stomach brought him. I soon discovered that I could bake my own treats with only a few ingredients right at home. Baking quickly grew into a passion as it became something that completely fulfilled both me and my beloved Blaze.

Now, I'm here to share that love with you and your furry friends, and hope that you all enjoy them as much as we do!

With Love,

Kendall and Blaze 

Blaze patiently waiting for a treat
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